It is the time to get back to fitness class

September is a correct time to get in shape, and there are lots of fun ways to do just that,



So may be it's time for you to go back to class, too. Fitness class, that is. Like many other things, diversity is the spice of life, says East Bank Club personal trainer Noby Takaki.
"When you do it over a period of time, everything can get boring," she says. "Variety helps to keep you motivated." This fall, the East Bank Club will begin to proffer private and semi-private sessions in TRX suspension training ($18-$37; 500 N. Kingsbury; 312-527-5800;
"I have a client who has Parkinson's disease who uses it and loves it," she says. "An normal person can do this. As long as you can walk down the street without falling over, you can work out among TRX". she says, "I started out in one of the aerobic studios and now teach the class in the basketball court”. The goal of Zumba is to give a high-energy and fun workout utilizing salsa, merengue and flamenco to target every major muscle group in the body.
Guerrero says that while Zumba is available to anyone who has a love of both music and dance, she's glad a workout targets the Latino community. "You just require to look at the numbers to realize that the Latino community is becoming more inactive and developing chronic illnesses tied to weight," she says. "Zumba gets people moving."


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