Top 20 facts For Living Longer

Health and physical activity tips include information on men's and women's health and wellness including advanced nutritional products for the immune system, joint health, weight loss and general health. All five components of fitness and health: strength training, weight management, cardiovascular exercise, nutrition, and flexibility training.
Here are the top twenty time-tested healthy habits that have survived for centuries to increase the size and quality of our life. 
  1. Eat mostly plants.(Have meat as a side dish as a replacement for of the main dish) 
  2. Put family first.(Time with family is priceless)  
  3. Need to take a walk.(Our legs are meant to move us, so move) 
  4. Drink a glass of red wine every day. (It has been a practice for centuries, it must be good) 
  5. Reduce and manage pressure. (Stress kills, so avoid it or deal with it) 
  6. Have a purpose. (Be energized when you wake up each morning)  
  7. Get outdoors. (We came from natural world, go back for a visit) 
  8. Be thankful. (Understand what you got and you will get more)  
  9. Have fun. (Do things that you enjoy) 
  10. Keepup a healthy body weight (Move more, eat less)  
  11. Get regular exercise. (Push and pull heavy things) 
  12. Love and laugh (if possible both at the same time)  
  13. Snack on nuts (The most nutrient dense food in the world) 
  14. Give something back. (If you want to get, you have to give)  
  15. Eat a huge breakfast. (Your mother was right again) 
  16. Eat a medium lunch (It's a lunch break, not a lunch batter)  
  17. Eat a small dinner (sufficient eating already) 
  18. Drink large of water. (It is the basis of all living things)  
  19. Sleep when it's dark. (There is a reason why we cannot see in the dark) 
  20. Learn new things. (You live, you learn)


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