Advantageous uses of Vitamin B 12HIV Virus Transmission Preventing Device

Advantageous uses of Vitamin B 12
HIV Virus Transmission Preventing Device   

In the recent issue of AIDS, results of a new study have been published stating that a new contraceptive method canHIV efficiently obstruct HIV virus transmission. This research has been conducted by researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College. In the laboratory, this new device blocked the transmission of HIV virus proficiently. This is why the journal AIDS has published quite promising results.
This new device is a kind of vaginal ring, which works by releasing multiple types of non hormonal agents and microbicides, resultantly impeding HIV transmission as well as conception.
This is going to prove quite helpful as about 5 million new infections and 3 million deaths per year due to HIV/AIDS are being observed worldwide. Other contraceptive measures are sometimes allergen or non reliable; but this one device is anticipated to be quite reliable as well as effectiv
The main activity of vitamin B12 is to maintain the proper function of the nervous system along with the brain. It’s a soluble vitamin. It’s a significant B complex vitamin.
•    It has the potential to give an encouraging support to the metabolism system, which comprises of digestion, respiration, energy production etc.
•    B12 coalesced with other group B vitamins is able to sustain the soothing & smooth functioning of all the systems within the human body.

Caribbean Rice and Beans

A high calorie diet is always a major reason for obesity, over weight etc. So to maintain a fit & problem free body try to ricebeaconsume low calorie foods. Sometimes excessive weight can make your movements restricted. High calorie food consumption can also encourage the bad cholesterol, which in turn can affect your several body systems.
The following recipe is a low calorie preparation.
1.    Roasted bell pepper (red)/ pimiento- 1 (large sized, chopped into small size pieces)
2.    Extra virgin olive oil- 1-2 tsp
3.    Finely minced garlic- 2 cloves
4.    Green bell pepper- ½ (chopped into tiny slices)

How does Mothers’ Behavior Affect Children’s Social Understanding    

Mothers are the first institution where kids get to learn a lot of things; from mannerism and etiquettes to realities of mothers-behaviorlife and importance of being truthful. Since long, mothers are accredited for their kids’ brilliance or dullness. This concept is not solely dependent upon illogical beliefs, rather there is much truth related to it. A recent study from UK has added worth to this concept by establishing that the kids’ social skills in later childhood are much affected by the way their mothers used to talk to them in the early childhood.
This research was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. In this study, it was noticed that those children whose mothers talked to them about what the people believed in, what there norms were, what were the intentions and what were the demands; developed really fine understanding of society and related feelings. In the research, some tasks were assigned to mothers of 3 years old kids.


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