Allergy: Fundamental Info

Broccoli Rabe, White Bean and Fontina Pasta    

This recipe is an excellent source of calcium, which has the potential to prevent your body from having a high blood 
pressure, heart ailments, colon cancer, premenstrual syndrome etc.  Calcium is responsible for the bone & teeth strength. Calcium is necessary for nerve transmission, cell membrane function etc.


1.    Whole wheat shells- 8 ounce
2.    Broccoli rabe- 1 (large size, chopped in small pieces)
3.    Vegetable broth- 1-2 cup
4.    All purpose flour- 1 tbsp

Allergy: Fundamental Info    

How many of us suffer allergy of any kind? In fact, a lot of people go through this affliction in many ways; sneezing, 
itching, breathing difficulty etc. Many of us do not even know enough about allergy, is causes, treatments, and prevention. It is necessary to be equipped with allergy info and it is even better to know about various allergy products.

What is an allergy?

Allergy is an embellished reaction shown by our immunity system, as a result of physical interaction with foreign elements. In non allergic people, immunity system does not hyper-react to such materials; this fact tags allergy as an abnormal reaction of the internal system of humans. It is a kind of hypersensitivity.

What are Allergens?

The foreign substances that trigger immune system to over-react are called allergens. Major examples include pollens (grass, weeds, molds, and trees), pets, dust, pollution, drugs, food etc.

Some common catalysts of Yeast Infection   

Yeast infection can occur for various reasons, mostly because of unhygienic or tight fitting clothes, but it is always very painful & hampers our regular routine. It has several ways out. What you need to do is to follow those options with religious effort.
•    One of the major reasons of yeast infection is the incapability of immune system and this accompanied with high stress make the situation worse.
•    Exposure to tremendous heat can also cause the yeast infection.

Resuscitated Kids Prone to Low IQ: Study Reveals   

Have you ever thought that resuscitation at birth can become the reason for lower Intelligence Quotient in the later 
years? A recent study has shown that kids who were resuscitated at their birth are more prone to lower IQ at the age of 8 years that normal children.

This study has been conducted by Dr David Odd, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, UK, and his colleagues, and it has been published online. This research was conducted with children of an average age of 8.6 years, enrolled at the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children. Three different groups of children were evaluated:
  • Those who were resuscitated at their birth but they didn’t show any symptoms of neonatal encephalopathy, neither did they get any additional neonatal care. These were 815 in number.

A Quick Cookie Glaze    

This recipe contains low sodium. It is beneficial for controlling the hypertension condition. It is useful for maintaining 
the liver health & resists the heart failure. Low sodium has also been recommended for controlling the blood pressure level.


1.    Confectioners’ sugar- 2 cup
2.    Warm water-2 3 tbsp


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