Alternatives to snacking

Chicken Salad Wraps    

The following recipe is an excellent source of fiber. It has the potential to reduce your constipation problem & make 
your bowel movements regular. It is also beneficial for blood glucose stabilization. People who want to loose the weight, foods containing high fiber can give you some effective results. It is also capable of resisting gallstones & is also useful in fighting against coronary heart ailments.


1.    Lemon juice- ½ cup

2.    Sugar- ¼ cup
3.    Fish sauce- 1/3 cup
4.    Red pepper- ¼ tsp (crushed)

Alternatives to snacking    

Unnecessary snacking is always a reason for over eating, which in turn can cause over weight or obesity. So diverting your mind from excess eating is always necessary.
•    To stop eating because of stress try to take deep breaths gently. It is beneficial for keeping your mind away from eating.
•    To resist the inessential eating of snacks, chewing gum can give you some effective results.

Pumpkin Seed and Cilantro Pesto   

Pumpkin seeds are beneficial for total prostate health. It has the potential to increase the bladder function. It is an 
outstanding source of L-tryptophan, which is an excellent remedy for depression. This high supplier of zinc can resist osteoporosis. It is capable of reducing the cholesterol level, because it contains phytosterols.


1.    Pumpkin seeds (hulled) – 1/3 cup

2.    Cilantro leaves (fresh) – 1 cup
3.    Salt- As per taste
4.    Lime juice- 1 tsp

Apple Crisp    

High calorie foods are always responsible for making you fat. They are one of the main reasons for obesity which in 
turns triggers several other diseases. So try to consume low calorie foods like the following recipe.


1.    Flour- ½ cup

2.    Brown sugar- ½ cup
3.    Oats- ¼ cup
4.    Pecans- 2 tbsp (crumpled)

Homemade Toothpaste    

In order to maintain your health and fitness you should take care of each and every part of your body. Your teeth are
 one of the most important parts of your body. You chew your food with it and that plays a very important part in the digestion process.
After we wake up in the morning we usually prefer to brush our teeth. To maintain the healthy teeth brushing is necessary at least twice in a day. It also protects your teeth from cavity & other teeth related ailments.


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