Bloody Mary with Shrimp

Bloody Mary with Shrimp  

Low calorie foods are able to provide you with limited calories. It can help you to maintain your size & resist the 
probability of being over weight. It has the potential to prevent obesity and in turn resist the obesity related ailments. So try the following low calorie preparation to maintain your fit body.


1.    Reduced sodium V8- 22 ounce
2.    Lemon juice- 1 tbsp
3.    Horseradish- 1 tsp
4.    Cooked shrimp-4

Laser Treatment at the Knightsbridge Laser Clinic    

Laser treatments have become quite widespread lately. There are many reasons due to which people prefer laser 
treatment upon other surgical or medicinal methods; as this is a pain free treatment method, as well as more effective than any other process. Though laser treatments are costly and pricier than other methods, still people prefer them as satisfaction level is high.

The Knightsbridge Laser Clinic is a center for laser treatment, located in the UK. This is one highly advanced laser treatment clinic equipped with almost all the necessary tools, plus it offers a broad range of treatments whether those are medical, aesthetic, surgical, or cosmetic. Hair removals, lipolysis, acne defense, and age defense are some of the services offered by this center of excellence in laser treatment.

Honey-Mustard Turkey Burgers 

Calcium is always an important ingredient for keeping your bones healthy. Calcium deficiency can trigger the 
osteoporosis problem. It has the potential to resist heart attacks. Calcium is a good treatment for high blood pressure. Consumption of high calcium diet reduces the chances of kidney stone.
This recipe has high calcium content.


1.    Coarse grained mustard- ¼ cup
2.    Honey- 2 tbsp
3.    Canola oil- 2 tsp
4.    Salt- As per taste

Vegetable and Sausage Supper   

Fiber is always an excellent way to solve your constipation problem. Fiber is capable of resisting the heart ailments 
along with the bad cholesterol. Fiber is a good solution for people suffering from the diabetes.

The following recipe has high fiber content.

1.    Low fat kielbasa- 8 ounce (chopped into ½ inch pieces)
2.    Onion (medium size) – 2 (minced)
3.    Extra virgin olive oil- 1 tbsp
4.    Zucchini (medium) – 2 (minced into ½ inch pieces)

Benefits of Vitamin B9   

Vitamin is always an outstanding option for maintaining your good healthy body. There are several vitamins that help you to live a healthy life. Here we are focusing on some of the benefits of vitamin B9 also familiar by the name of folic acid.
•    Vitamin B9 has potential to reduce the chances of heart ailments, by lowering the level of amino acid.
•    It’s able to lower the possibilities of birth defects & is also able to provide protection from various types of cancer.
•    Study reveals that for smokers, it lowers the pre cancerous bronchial cells.


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