Cancer Prevention Tips

Cancer Prevention Tips  

Either we like it or not, cancer affects most of us directly or indirectly. It’s 
hard to define, who is going to be the patient of cancer.

However cancer prevention is easier than we may think. With slight change in lifestyle, we can minimize our risk of developing any type ofcancer.
Avoid smoking
All of us almost daily hear that, the smoking is injurious to health. Eve some packs of cigarettes deliver the warning “smoking causes lung cancer and heart diseases.” Smoking is the most important risk factor for cancers that is in our own control. Except lung cancer, smoking can be the main culprit for many other cancers.

Common Cold: The Commonest Human Disease   

Common cold in terms medicine also named as coryza or acute catarrhal 
rhinitis. Rhinitis refers to the inflammation of the nasal mucosa. Common cold is an acute infectious disease due to a filterable virus with superadded secondary infections with gram positive cocci (rounded shaped gram positive staining bacteria). The incubation period is from 1 to 3 days.


  • Exciting cause is an unidentified virus but there are certain predisposing factors which render some people more prone to catch the infection that others like

Tips to keep heart healthy    

Heart disease is the leading killer of both sexes in the U.S. and U.K. 
According to American Heart Association (AHA), about 71 million Americans are suffering from heart disease in different shapes. The most widespread form of heart disease is hypertension (also known as silent killer) orhigh blood pressure gives birth to coronary artery disease (CAD). These conditions are responsible for almost 8 million heart attacks and more than 5 million strokes that occur annually, alone in U.S.

How to Lose Weight Naturally:    

Weight loss is not about eating less and exercise more. It’s all about feeling 

In present days there are various ways of weight loss, natural weight loss is a much favorable and easy way of doing it.
Because it has fewer side effects & it encourages healthy habits.
  • First & foremost thing is to lower the fat content from your meal. Like dairy products, chocolate, candy etc.

Benefits of a Good Drinking Habit   

Water is our life, we can’t live without it. The digestive system of our body is 
just not able to act enough without water.

Fibre alone is not enough to give comfort, so for total body comfort we need to drink plenty of water.
  • Make sure that your drinking water is pure and free from any contaminations.
  • Water helps you to cure constipation related problems which keeps you feeling fresh & energetic.


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