Coffee-Banana Tofu Shake

Basil-Lemon Lobster Salad


1.    Fish bouillon cube- ¼ fish
2.    Hot water- 1/3 cup
3.    Mixed salad greens- 6 cup
4.    Ground pepper- As per taste
5.    Lobster meat (minced) – 2 2/3 cup
6.    Extra virgin olive oil- 1 ½ tbsp
7.    Minced basil- 2 tbsp
8.    Lemon juice- 3 tbsp
9.    Garlic clove- 1 (chopped)

10.    For garnishing- Lemon wedges   

•    Take a large sized bowl & pour the hot water along with the bouillon.
•    Stir continuously till the cube melts.
•    Now add the lemon juice along with the garlic, oil & basil.
•    For seasoning add the pepper & then mix the chopped lobster.
•    Now arrange the green salad in different plates.
•    Pour in the lobster mixture on the top of the salad.
•    Before serving decorate with the lemon wedges.

Coffee-Banana Tofu Shake   

Calcium is always required to resist osteoporosis. It has the potential to check cancer.  It’s useful for controlling the tofu1blood pressure level & is also able to resist heart ailments. Calcium is capable of keeping your skin healthy & young.
So try the following high calcium containing delicious recipe for your well being.
1.    Ripe banana- 1
2.    Drained silken tofu- ½ cup
3.    Milk (low fat) – 1 ¼ cup
4.    Sugar- 1 -1 ½ tbsp

Necessity of Colon Cleansing  

A large number of people have found colon cleansing quite effective for overall good feeling and sound health and that’scolon-cleanse why people want to know about each and every thing related to this procedure and they often search for things like dieting reviews and other such stuff to make the most of such procedures.
It’s true that almost all important organs of the body like liver, kidney, heart and lungs get affected because of colon and these organs do not function properly if there is some disturbance in colon.
That’s why it is quite important to maintain good colon health and an array of such products is available in the market that claim to provide all the desired results which you often expect from such products, but most of the time these claims prove mere false claims and you get nothing and sometimes even have to undergo some serious side effects.
However, it doesn’t mean that some good products for colon cleansing are not available in the market these days and these products seem to provide the results that others only claim about. Nature cleanse is one of these products that have proved quite effective for colon cleansing.

Emphysema: Some natural ways of keeping it in check   

Emphysema is a type of lungs disorder. It makes the air sacs thin, a condition which is also familiar as bronchioles. The ultimate result is breathlessness, but there are various ways of treating this condition.
•    People suffering from emphysema should follow a very restricted diet for the first 9-10 days. They can consult with a professional for a proper diet.
•    They should live in a pollution free healthy atmosphere.
•    Consuming a tsp of lemon juice at different times during a day can give you some effective results.

Some Smart And Easy Foods    

Boost energy, increase concentration and fight fatigue through easy and nutritious food item that are listed below:


  • Bananas are rated most cheap, nutritious and ideal snack.
  • They are non fattening unless eaten in bunches.
Benefits of eating bananas:
  • Bananas are potassium rich that help to control blood pressure.
  • Bananas are laden with tryptophan and tyrosine precursor to neurotransmitter serotonin and dopamine; “Happy neurotransmitter”.
  • They counter hyperacidity.
  • They are fibre rich and help to prevent constipation.


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