Easy Ways of Feeling Cheerful in winter

Joyful Kids

A proper upbringing of your child is very important for their further life. Well upbringing makes them strong as well as
 teaches them happy living, which is necessary to live a stress free healthy life.

•    Always encourage your kids to try different things in life, motivate them to take chances in life.
•    Your kids follow you in every aspect of their lives. So when they watch you enjoying life, making your own fun ways they also learn how to live an enjoyable life.

Easy Ways of Feeling Cheerful in winter   

After a nice summer now it’s time for winter. You might get depressed because of the weather change. But there are a 
few way outs which can enhance your mood. Bad mood makes you depressed, you just can’t get energized for your job, so perfect mood booster is always required.

•    Take some break from your busy schedule & going for some quick vacation trips can refresh your mood. You can also plan for some picnic at your nearest national park or going for some game show etc. These options can give you some changes without spending time under chilled winter.

Chicken Casserole    

To stay healthy & fit we need to concentrate on our diet. To stay in shape we need to focus on low fat preparation, but 
at the same time we can’t compromise with the taste. So here is your perfect solution.


1.    Onion (medium sized)- 1 (minced)
2.    Chicken breast (skinless)- 3 cup (cooked & minced)
3.    Mushrooms- 7 oz (sliced & drained)
4.    Florets- 1 bunch (stem removed, chopped)

Sensitive Teeth

People having sensitive teeth mostly have problems during consuming cold beverages or something hot or sweet etc. 
Sometimes it can even trigger up the pain. So your sensitive teeth need some special caring.

•    Though you need to brush your teeth twice daily but you should do this carefully. Rough movement can worsen the condition.
•    You can also go for some calcium rich food products lie- cheese, milk, yoghurt etc. Various other fruits like- cucumber, beetroot etc & almonds, cashew etc are also found to be beneficial for your healthy teeth.
•    Toothpastes containing potassium nitrate is good for sensitive teeth. Before purchasing toothpaste make sure that it is made for sensitive teeth.   

Liver Enlargement

When inflammation appears in the liver the situation is called liver enlargement. It’s also known as hepatomegaly.  It 
can occur because of excessive alcohol consumption, blood disorders, hepatitis, liver cancer, jaundice etc. Though for serious cases professional guidance is necessary, but at the same time you will get various options through easy home tricks.

•    To get relief from liver enlargement you can also consume bitter ground juice (1/2 cup) with a pinch of salt.
•    Papaya is an excellent remedy for liver ailment, so daily consumption can give you some useful results.


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