Medical Insurance

Avocado Sandwiches    

A Low sodium diet is useful for people who want to control their blood pressure level. This is also beneficial for sandwicheskidney ailments along with diabetics.
This recipe has very low sodium content & is ideal for people who are conscious about what they eat.
1.    Avocado- 1 (minced)
2.    Lemon juice- ½ tsp
3.    Fat reduced mayonnaise- 1 tbsp
4.    Cucumber- 10-12 fine slices

Watermelon Gazpacho    

Watermelon is an outstanding energy manufacturer.  It has the potential to fight against heart ailments as well as is watermelonable to lower the chances of cancer. It’s capable of playing the role of an antioxidant. Watermelon is also recommended for erectile dysfunction & is useful in resisting the muscular decadency.
1.    Watermelon- 8 cup (finely chopped, removed seeds)
2.    Red bell pepper- ½ (minced)
3.    Cucumber – 1 (medium size, removed skin & finely minced)
4.    Fresh basil- ¼ cups (diced)

Cherry Sauce

Low fat diet is always beneficial for your health. It has the potential to enhance your physical strength. It helps you in cherry-sauce1maintaining a perfect size & shape. Low fat foods are useful for controlling your blood pressure level along with the bad cholesterol level.
The following recipe is a low fat delicious preparation.
1.    Cornstarch- 1 ½ tsp
2.    Sugar (granulated) – 3 tbsp
3.    Ground cinnamon- A pinch
4.    Cranberry juice cocktail- 1/3 cup

Medical Insurance   

One of the most common concerns of people these days is that how can theymedical-insurance cover the everyday medical expenses? The atmosphere has gone immensely polluted, and allergies have spread worldwide. Epidemics are also a concern and these situations make it very hard for people to pay for this extraMedicare. Every other day, one of the family members is ill or sometimes there is worse situation involving accidents and injuries. These are more dangerous and fatal than ordinary illness and diseases. Immediate operations need a lot of money, sometimes. This is where one feels the need ofmedical insurance.If a person is insured for medical expenses, his/her medical costs will be borne by the insurance company and he/she won’t have to worry that from where the money will come.
How to negate the risk of heart related ailment    
People of any age group can suffer from heart ailments. This is not an age related problem, but several things in our life style can encourage the disease. Even various other diseases can increase the risk of heart diseases. So we need to control those other things that can encourage the deadly symptoms.
•    Smoking is always injurious for our total well being, so try to quit smoking as early as you can.


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