Smoking Could Be a Depression Booster for Teens

Smoking Could Be a Depression Booster for Teens    

Smoking has always been claimed to be dangerous for the health, a new teen-smokingresearch has shown its diverse affects on the mental health of teens.
It has been reported that smoking increases depressive symptoms in teens especially in those who thinks that their smoking habit will change their mood.
The study was carried on a group of 662 Canadian students who were studying between grades 7 to 11. The students were provided with almost 20 questionnaires regarding their habit of smoking.

What is Asthma?   

A chronic inflammation in the bronchial tubes (airways) causing swelling and narrowing (constriction) of the airways is known as Asthma, it is also known as Reactive Airway Disease.
what-is-asthmaDue to this a person has difficulty to respire. With treatments the bronchial narrowing is reversible may be totally or at least partially. Chronically inflamed Bronchial tubes might become very sensitive to irritants (non specific triggers) or allergens (specific triggers).
A situation might arise where airways can become “twitchy” due to which they would remain in a state of increased sensitivity which is called “bronchial hyper reactivity” (BHR). In case of the sensitive individuals it is more likely that the bronchial tubes would swell and further constrict being exposed to triggers like allergens, exercise or tobacco smoke.
For such individuals dust is the main asthma trigger. It may be advised that such person wearsrespirators in order to prevent the dust from entering their system and cause diseases like asthma.

The Cannabis Smoking Found to be Good for Patients

 with Chronic Problems   

It has been seen that the patients who suffers from long term chronic smoking-cannabisneuropathic pain faces the lack of sleep, bad mood and body pain, in such cases doctors suggests some limited treatments that includes antidepressants, anesthetics and other such medicines which mostly comes along with side effects.
The situation of patients defined above can be solved by the natural way, according to a report that got published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Journal Association), smoking cannabis can reduce the symptoms of pain, improve sleep and mood for the patients who are facing long-term neuropathic pain.

Low-Dose Omega-3 Fatty Acids Proved not to be much

 Affective for Heart Patients  

The heart patients are often suggested with the medicine comprising of omega-3-fatty-acid-supplementlow-dose Omeg-3 but a recent Dutch research has shown that it’s not that affective. According to the research majority of heart patients who take low dose Omega-3 fatty acid supplement don’t appear to gain any additional protection against the further cardiac trouble.
The findings are going to be presented this Sunday to European Society of Cardiology Congress in Stockholm by the lead author, Daan Kromhout, from the division of human nutrition at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

Newborn Health Is the Priority in Baby Care    

You are a new daddy and a new mummy now. It must be very exciting to Newborn healthhave that little angel between you two. However, along with the excitement of having a new baby come the anxious feeling on how to do theBaby Care. Baby care for new born is in fact very crucial. Newborn Health becomes the main priority in doing baby care.
For the first or two week of your baby’s life, it must be rather problematic for you to bath him. The high level of the difficulties in bathing newborn is caused by your awkward movement on handling that little cute fragile creature.


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