Some natural remedies for providing relief from cough

Asian Brown Rice    

Brown rice is a great supplier of carbohydrates which the body requires. It has the potential to control the blood asian-broen-rice1pressure level & is also able to reduce the bad cholesterol level. It is known as an easy digestive food. Brown rice is an outstanding source of several minerals, which can improve your teeth, hair, bones, nails etc. It’s a rich supplier of fibre which is capable of reducing the constipation problem.

Some natural remedies for providing relief from cough    

Cold & cough is a very common problem worldwide. Mostly it occurs at the time when seasons change. Sometimes intense cough can lead to vomiting. Mostly we prefer to have antibiotics for the treatment purpose, but before doing that we can try easy home remedies.
•    Prepare a mixture of ginger extract along with pinch of black pepper & a tbsp of honey. Try to take this 3-4 times a day. It will give you some relief.

Complementing your workout with a balanced diet    

Proper eating before workout is as necessary as the exercise or the workout itself. Excessive food consumption can make you feel heavy. Having knowledge about the appropriate diet before workout is very much required.
Foods that you can consume up to 2 hours before your workout:
  • You should keep distance from the heavy fat containing food or foods that only contains protein or fibre. It can make you feel dilatory & your body will take some large periods of time to digest those foods.
  • Try to consume something light or easy to break down, like carbohydrates etc.

Swiss chard with Garlic, Oil and Hot Pepper    

Chard is an outstanding source of various nutrients like- calcium, protein, folic acid, fibre, vitamins etc. It has the chard-garlic1potential to play the role of antioxidants. It’s able to control your blood pressure level & is also a good remedy for constipation. Chard is beneficial for prevention of early cataract. Study proved that it can lower the possibilities of heart ailments. This excellent source of iron is a great provider of body energy.

Vegetarian Hot Pot    

Fresh vegetables are always useful for our total well-being. These are sources of nutrients required for our body. Even veg-hot-pot1some vegetables are excellent sources of protein which are comparable to animal protein, but it has no negative impact. Including fresh vegetables in your daily diet is very important for the proper nutrition.
1.    Vegetable broth- 5 ¼ cup
2.    Fresh ginger- 4 ¼ inch (skin removed)
3.    Canola oil- 2 tsp
4.    Garlic cloves- 2 (removed skin & mashed)


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