The Cell Phone Usage and Brain Cancer Missed Solid Evidences

The Type 2 Diabetes Is Linked To High Risks of Many Cancers    

The diabetes is one of those diseases which always welcome some other dangerous health problems like kidney problems, blood pressure and others, recently a new drawback of Type 2 diabetes have been found.
Type 2 DiabetesA large study has been taken in Sweden on almost half of the Type 2 patients of the country and it was found that these people are at higher risks of developing number of cancers as compared to the people who don’t have this disease.
The study was led by German Cancer Research center in Heidelberg and the findings have been published online in the 17 May issue of the Oncologist.

Counteracting Allergy through AAFA’s Help    

The study of allergies related in America has revealed through the research in the Allergy Capitals 2010.
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The studies have shown the different places that are most challenging with allergies. The Allergy Capitals is a research project that spots out some of the most intense annual research project coming through the Allergy Foundation of America or the AAFA.
These have the 100 most allergy affected areas of States being pinned down so that greater safety and awareness as well as allergy control means are present in such areas.

The Cell Phone Usage and Brain Cancer Missed Solid Evidences: WHO Reported   

It was a very strong conception of past that the extra usage of cell phones is linked with the brain cancerbut a latest study by WHO has proven this thing quite wrong, during the study data from almost 13 countries was used and links between cell phone usage and brain cancer was deeply examined.
Brain CancerIt has been found that there is no solid evidence till now that can prove a link between cell phone usage and brain cancer however the researchers also said that more studies are required to be done for the confirmation of this issue.
The study was started in 2000 and it grouped different small studies in 13 different countries and then this collaborative results was found, the countries include: 13 countries around the world: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and the UK.

Urban Areas Linked To High Blood Pressure   

Urban areas though providing us with lots of leisure and access to the modern advancement in every field of life yet they have always being associated with different health issues and recently the researchers have found a new thing.
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Researchers from the University of Dusiburg-Essen in Germany found that people who live in urban areas where particular air pollution tends to be quite high tend to have higher blood pressure as compared to those who live in the areas of low pollution.
In this research the researchers have particularly used the data from Heinz Nixdorf Recall Study in which 5,000 individuals were studied and the focus was on the development of heart diseases.

Lens Implant May Be Safer Than the Laser Surgery    

Nowadays this concept has become very common that surgery is the best way to get rid of eye eight’s weakness but as any kind of surgery is not completely beneficial, it always carries some little or major side effects.
image by Ophthalmology Video Fan
Recently a British review of a previous surgery has been taken and according to that the Implantable lens could be a safer alternative to the laser surgery especially for the moderated nearsighted people. Basically in the laser surgery cells are stripped off from the cornea that is a clear tissue covering the eye therefore by flattening the eye the visual objects are allowed to come into focus to the retina.


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