Useful Remedies for Angina

Razor Burns: Causes & Remedies

Irrespective of men & women shaving or using razor is quite a common process.  It helps to make their appearance 
clear & impressive, but the bad side is razor burns. It can be occur because of our unconscious use. It begins with some reddish rash (very mild), it can lead to excessive itching, burning sensation etc.

Reasons behind razo
•    Very frequent shaving can cause the burn.
•    Using dirty razor can also cause the burns.
•    You need to limit the uses of colognes or after shaves, otherwise extreme uses can lead to burning sensation.

Curing Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcer is quite a painful white sore, which can appear on gums, lips, inner side portion of the cheek, tongue etc. 
It makes your eating as well as drinking quite painful. Mouth ulcer is also quite familiar as canker sores. This painful problem has various effective home remedies, but for some serious cases you need to consult with a professional doctor.

•    To prevent any further injury, keep away from the chips, dry bread like foods that are made with sharp edges. You also need to avoid chewing gums, tobacco, coffee etc, which can make the situation even worse.
•    Onion is a good source of sulfur, which is quite a good option for treating the mouth ulcer so try to have raw onions.

Remedies for Intestinal Parasite

Tapeworms, roundworms etc are a few known intestinal parasites. These can cause diarrhoea, tiredness, stomach 
pain, weight loss, nausea etc. These parasites can live in our body without showing any indicators, but is has various effective home remedies.

•    Having raw garlic is able to reduce the worms from intestinal tracks. Try to consume 2 to 3 raw garlic regularly in an empty stomach.
•    Prepare a mixture of raw papaya juice (1 tbsp) along with hot water (3 tbsp) & honey (1 tbsp).  Have the mixture regularly.

Effective Remedies for Anorexia (Loss of Appetite)

Anorexia is commonly known as loss of appetite. When we loss interest of consuming food, that state is called loss of appetite. It can occur because of some internal or external or even psychological reasons. But there are a few way outs which can give you some effective treatments.
•    Garlic is also beneficial for treating anorexia. Pour 3-4 garlic cloves in a cup of boiling water. Filter it & pour ½ tsp of lime into it. Now drink the liquid.
•    For treating anorexia apple has also been recommended. It has the potential to encourage the flow of pepsin (protein digesting enzyme).
•    Orange has the potential to enhance your appetite as well as able to increase the activity of your digestive system. So try to consume 2-3 oranges or you can have the juice also.

Useful Remedies for Angina

Angina is a very usual indicator of coronary artery ailment, which mostly happens because of the inadequate blood 
flow into the heart. In some serious cases it can lead to heart attack as well as paralysis (partial)

A few indicators of angina:
•    You can experience breathing disorders.
•    You can feel some exertion as well as nausea.
•    Chest pain along with some uneasiness can also happen.


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