Walk to Regain Brain Volume

Walk to Regain Brain Volume    

A healthy brain is the key to success. If your brain is in good condition, your
 thinking process will be as healthy as the brain itself. You cannot take your brain to a gym instructing it to carry weights; there are certain other ways to make your brain build its volume; on of the best solutions is to Walk! Recently, a study has revealed that by performing regular cardiovascular exercise, one can significantly enlarge the hippocampus, which is a vital brain structure for memory functions.

Diabetic!! Kick start a new life with Vitamin K    

For diabetics, any trip to the doctor’s office, no matter how routine, should
 be treated as an opportunity to take stock of various health issues that can be compromised by diabetes. Doctors describes vitamins K1 and K2 as, ‘very safe,’ for diabetes prevention.

Vitamin K (VK), an essential, lipid-soluble vitamin that plays a vital role in the production of coagulation proteins. VK is also synthesized by colonic bacteria. The 3 main types of VK are K-1, which is derived from plants; K-2, menaquinone, which is produced by the intestinal flora; and K-3, which is a synthetic, water-soluble form used for treatment

How to Have Young and Healthy Knees    

Can you maintain a healthy life style without fit legs? No, it is not possible at 
all. Perhaps the most important part of our legs is the knee. Bending, walking, running, working out, everything depends upon the fitness of knees. If you take care of this vital joint of your body, you might lessen the risk factor of acquiring arthritis or its horrible symptoms. Having strong and firm quadriceps is the key to having strong andhealthy knees. If you concentrate on strengthening your key muscles of legs, that will help you maintain the cartilage in shape and healthy.


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