Ways To Improve Self Esteem

Ways To Improve Self Esteem

Self esteem refers to the mental picture of himself or herself. It is a perception which people start acquiring from their young age. It could reveal their strength, weaknesses and much more inner details to every individual. It is very important for one to carry on his self esteem while he is on the move. This is very much related to the mental strength. If one lacks self esteem, then he may be low on his spirits and may dwindle on extreme circumstances. Hence, self esteem gives good confidence and strength to face problems and situations. People who think they are lovable can maintain good relationship with others. Here are some ways to improve self esteem.

Positive thoughts can really be a booster. Never allow the negative thoughts to dominate you. You thinking and thoughts have great power in molding yourself. You are responsible for what you are. Hence, by being positive, one can pump in more energy and fresh energy always. Do not always try to be perfection. It is because, no man is perfect. If you think for perfection, you may never win the race. Rather, try to achieve for accomplishments. Consider your failures as the stepping stone for success. Failures have produced great heroes in the past. So never be bothered about failures. It will teach you a lesson in life. Experiment with your innovative thoughts. Try to understand yourself. Know your strength and concentrate more on to capitalize. Have your goals perfectly and always target your actions towards achieving it. Make contribution and have the guts to accept the truth. Be sensible and responsible. Have your body fit and do exercise regularly to have a proper body shape.
These are some of the tips to improve the self esteem which is very important. A low feeling of self esteem may lead to fatal mental ill health. It is always good to be high on spirits.

Teen Care

Teen Care
The clothes you wear, the color of your room, the food that you eat, friends you have, where you go are some of the things which have been under your parents control till you attain the teen age. Every kid will be so happy to answer all these questions but not when they reach the teen age. Often they tend to fight a lot with their parents which might not be a good sign to maintain the relationship.

A teen age is the one where one develops his/her own identity. They tend to have and form their opinions. The biological activities begin in their body. They prepare them for the adulthood. Most problems come when your parents try not to adjust with your new behavior. You know that you have become new “YOU”. But your parents still see you as a kid. Teens become angry that parents do not respect their privacy and opinions. Parents feel angry that children do not obey them anymore. They forget the fact that the children are no more children and have transformed into adults. Understanding is the shortest distance between two people.
Understanding each others thought is a long process. It may take several years. The whole new generation is techy very much and the older generation is not able to cope up with the speed. In most cases, parents must sacrifice as it is the children who are going to lead their life. Parents can be mentors but not a strict officer. If parents can behave as good friends to their children while they reach the teen age, there can be many problems avoided.
Parents must teach on how to differentiate between the good and bad. One must not scold if the children choose the wrong way for the first time. Parents must educate them and a friendly relation is the key solution for all such teen problems.

How to Cure Stomach Ache

stomach ache
Pain is a sign that something is going on in our body. And stomach aches will reveal the fact that there is something going wrong in the tummy. Usually the pain may be due to eating a harmful dish, getting hit against tummy and much more reasons. There are so many organs in the abdomen and symptoms will vary depending upon the region of pain. Some of the reasons for tummy problems are:

When bacteria or viruses enter a human system, body tries to get rid of them by vomiting or diarrhea. Food poisoning is the main reason through which bacteria and virus enter our body. Certain bacterial infections may lead to pneumonia, strep throat or any toxic shock syndrome. Virus can be contagious in most of the cases. It is hard to get rid of this. Constipation is another reason for tummy trouble. Not having enough fiber and fluids can be a reason for this. Certain food items cannot be digested by the organ system. This may lead to irritation. This is called food intolerance. Problems in reproductive organs may also lead to this. Testicular injuries are one which causes stomach ache in boys and during ectopic pregnancy women may have abdominal pain.  There are other diseases which allow germs to settle on intestine wall and block their functionalities.
It is better to see a doctor if one has a prolong stomach ache. It may be due to food poisoning. People with diabetes have more probability to get stomach ache. To avoid most stomach ache problems, follow these tips.
  • Always wash your hands before and after eating.
  • Drink boiled water.
  • If you are allergic towards certain food items, avoid eating them.
  • Do not over eat.
Take utmost care in your health to live happily. Use preventive measures to avoid problems.

Get Your 5 Servings a Day

healthy food
It is often recommended to have 5 servings a day by the experts. It can be fulfilled by having more fruits and vegetables in our list. But most of us find it very difficult to include them in our meals. The world has now become the center stage for junk foods. All the junk foods are deep fried which is bad for health. They have high fat contents. They do not include any fruits or vegetables in them. There are no restrictions in having fruits and vegetables for a human being. But one should see to it that it is not dressed up with butter or oil. They may take away the goodness of the food. Here are some simple ways to get the 5 servings a day. They are

Starting with the breakfast:  Try to include at least 2 fruits in your breakfast. Have a wide range of combination so that you will not get bored. Continue this habit of eating fruits and vegetables in lunch and dinner too.
Combination of nutrients: Carbohydrates are great source of energy. When combined with protein will give a better health. Hence choose your food item which is a perfect blond of all nutrients.
Doubling up the intake: There is no mistake found in doubling the quantities of having fruits and vegetables. Serve yourself with more fruits and juices. A 100% concentrated juice may be good for health. If you eat any other dish, try to join fruits with them. For example if you eat bread, try to add veggies to it. Chop up vegetables and have a good flavor. If you do not like the presence, grind them and have it as a paste.
Trying new eating habits: Every human being needs a variety. So prepare a list of variety of food items and follow it each week. A new variety every week helps in bringing new sort of nutrients to the body.
The ultimate goal of having 5 servings is to stay healthy. Eat healthy but do not over heat.

Hepatitis C

HCV damages the liver, one of the body’s most important organs. Symptoms of both acute and chronic infections are easily confused with less serious and shorter-term illnesses. In fact, most infected people are relatively free of physical symptoms — signs of liver damage may not occur for a couple of decades. Unfortunately, by the time the disease becomes apparent, liver damage can be considerable and even irreversible.

HCV is not related to the other hepatitis viruses (A-E) and diagnostic tests readily distinguish them. The virus is usually detected by an antibody test. Unlike many other infections, the presence of antibodies in the blood does not mean recovery. Although rare, recovery does occur; it can be confirmed using highly sensitive diagnostic tests that detect the viral genome (RNA). Unfortunately, such tests are not yet licensed and there is laboratory variability.
Roughly 50 percent of chronic carriers do not even know they have hepatitis C, a disease that moves through specific stages of liver damage. Currently, diagnosis of the stage requires a liver biopsy, i.e., removal of a very small piece of the liver, and evaluation of an even smaller piece using a microscope. The rate of progression is highly individual and can be characterized as slow, medium or fast. For most people it is slow, i.e., after 20 years of chronic infection, only 20 percent of individuals progress to cirrhosis. Alcohol and other hepatitis viruses hasten progression of the disease. Thus, if they know they are infected, individuals can help themselves by not using alcohol, and by getting vaccinated to prevent hepatitis A and B.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved treatments that can get rid of the virus and make the liver more normal. Three are interferons and the fourth combines interferon and ribavirin. Unfortunately, none of these drugs is very effective (approximately 5 percent of infections are eradicated with interferons and 35 percent with the combination) and all have significant side effects. Currently, there is no way to predict who will or won’t respond. However, the best responses are seen in those patients with HCV variants (genotypes) 2 and 3, less severe fibrosis, and who are female or are under the age of 40 years. It is important to note that genotype 1, which predominates in this country, is least responsive to treatment.
Challenges and Research Priorities

Better treatment and prevention strategies will come from carefully designed, innovative, and cross-cutting research studies that will help us learn why some people recover from the infection and others do not; understand how the virus reproduces and causes disease in the body; and develop more effective and safer therapies as well as vaccines.
Importance of Increasing Awareness
The fact that most people lack symptoms and may have been infected years earlier, taken together with the drugs now available to treat the disease, make it important for individuals to report accurate personal histories to their physicians so that detection and treatment of hepatitis C begins as early as possible.
Hepatitis C virus infection is an increasing public health concern. Without more effective therapies that produce recovery, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) predicts that deaths due to HCV will double or triple in the next 15 to 20 years due simply to the length of time most people in the United States have been infected.


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