Health Benefits of Potassium

Health Benefits of Potassium

Benefits of Potassium

Most consumers and gurus, as well as the average health food nuts are well acquainted with the important of potassium being one of the body's main essential minerals needed for optimal health.
Some patients who suffer with benefit from using potassium daily because of its of blood pressure lowering abilities . Potassium has a multitude of health benefits to simplify the benefits we will look at the different organs in the body.
Before we talk about organs in the body I want to point out that sodium and potassium work together to regulate our water balance in the cells of the body .
Alongside of this point potassium can be found in 95% of the fluid in the cells, this is significant, and I will explain why later on.

Our Kidneys

It has been documented that taking potassium may be able to help prevent kidney stones from developing in the kidney. Kidney stones are formulated by calcium being in the kidneys, the potassium acts as an agent to keep the calcium from forming stones. The kidneys filter potassiumand eliminates it in our urine.
Potassium helps carry oxygen to the brain. This nutrient is very essentential for healthy brain function, due to it playing a role in supplying the neurotransmitters with the sparks in the brain to send signals to our nerves. This mineral is also vital when it comes to having healthy nerve function. As for the brain it has been noted that potassium is good for relieving headache inflicting allergies.
What is so interesting to me about potassium is the fact, in order for the body to use this mineral adequately, the proper amount of sodium needs to be in balance. What's so significant about this detail is some of us in take more sodium than potassium, which can cause elevated . This is way eating to many processed foods is never a good ideal. And easy on the table salt is always a golden rule of the table.
The kicker about coffee and potassium is we all know there are two liquids on earth that will send you sailing to the can more than usual, and that's coffee, and beer. The reason to much coffee, or alchohol is not a good deal, is the excessive urination causes you to lose potassium, but you are retaining the sodium. Hence this can cause health concerns.


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