Health Benefits of Turnip Greens

Health Benefits of Turnip Greens

A Diet High In Antioxidants Is A Healthy Diet!

Diets high in antioxidants are proving to have a great contribution in the fight against a number of illnesses. Cancer, stroke, cardiovascular disease and arthritis are just a few of the many illnesses that can have their symptoms reduced simply through the consumption of a diet rich in antioxidants. So it is sad to think that one of our most nutritious dark green leafy vegetables sources is generally just thrown out with the trash. It is turnip greens.
Turnip greens are generally chucked out in the trash rather than eaten as a side dish at supper. The top leafy portion of the turnip plant tends to be very misjudged as to its importance as a food source. I'm hoping to stop this practice!
Turnip greens provide high levels of antioxidants and they are indeed proving themselves to be a vegetable that is very beneficial in the fight against heart disease, lung diseases such as emphysema, as well as many forms of cancer and arthritis. Turnip greens may be of special benefit to those who suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis as it has high levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Calcium and Copper which all have been proven beneficial in the fight against Rheumatoid arthritis.

Turnip Greens Are Extremely High In Vitamin K and Vitamin A!

Most people know that the turnip root is edible, but a great many individuals have no knowledge what-so-ever about the top leafy portion of the turnip plant, so they wrongfully presume that it is indigestible. It winds up in garbage cans or compost piles all across the country and we lose a very valuable source of nutrition.
A single one cup serving of turnip greens will contain a mere twenty-eight calories but will supply a multitude of vitamins and minerals within it. Ranked in order of their prominence within the greens are the nutrients Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Folate, Manganese, Calcium, Copper, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Tryptrophan, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin B2, Phosphorus, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B5, Omega-3 fatty acids, Protein and Vitamin B3.

Delicious and Nutritious Turnip Greens - Add Them To Your Meals Today!

So please don't throw them away. The greens are easily steamed or boiled so they can then be served up as a tasty side dish with your meal. Simply serve the cooked Turnip Greens with melted butter and season to taste with salt and pepper and you have a nutritious vegetable dish. They can be also be used as an "add in" to almost any casserole, vegetable or rice dish, and serve to add a little spark of color in addition to their nutritional boost to the meal.
If saving them for fututre use, it only takes a few minutes to blanch them, and pop them into the freezer so they are available for future meals.


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