Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine

Below I have reprinted, (as I have in the past) informative information from the newsletter of  health educator Danny Vierra. Danny is highly experienced and, like myself, practices natural medicine from a Christian perspective. This is not to say that we only seek to help Christians, (many of the people that I see, and I am sure that many of the ones that Danny sees, are not Christians) but rather that our perspectives sometimes take a different angle when it comes tonatural medicine than some other practitioners  who are Christians. Below is the “hot” info from one of his recent news letters.
This week I want to share some of the popular Health Tips that I have posted on facebook this year. I hope you enjoy them and put some of them to practice.

1. HEALTH TIP: Can’t get moving in the morning without a hefty cup of coffee? The problem might not be your hectic schedule or lack of sleep. You could be suffering from adrenal exhaustion. Recommendations: Take a good B-Complex Whole food supplement like Unstress by Mega Food two times a day, Extra Pantothenic Acid - 500 mg twice daily, and 1,000 mg Vitamin C three times a day. Licorice root is the most important herb for adrenal exhaustion. Take whole licorice root tea – a cup two times a day. Eat a healthy vegan diet with lots of
natural medicine
 rainbows or varieties of plants foods. Get plenty of quality sleep. Try Sleep Assure by Natures Plus with melatonin and herbs in a sustained-released formula. The formula puts you to sleep and keeps you to sleep. Relax before bed by drinking a cup of Sleepytime tea and try Calcium/Magnesium before bed that are nature’s tranquilizers.

2. HEALTH TIP OF THE DAY: Cayenne is a powerful herb. It can be used to stop a heart attack, stop 
bleeding by placing directly on wound, help stop bleeding ulcers, used in a gargle for sore throats, inhibit arterioscleroses, used for heart palpitations and arrhythmias, and as an external liniment for arthritis and cluster headaches. Cayenne is an activator, carrier, and accentuator. It can be used for diabetic neuropathy and gangrene, and high and low blood pressure. Ginkgo is good for the brain and cayenne will help get it there! A small amount in your socks will help with cold feet. For a Heart Attack: A teaspoon of cayenne in a cup of hot water should bring a patient out of a heart attack according to the late Dr. John Christopher. Prop up the patient & pour hot cayenne tea down & attack will stop. For wounds: Fill wounds, even if they are to the bone & the bleeding will stop. Cold feet: Sprinkle some in your socks or shoes (180 BTU). For eye disorders: The Herbal Eye Formula with Cayenne is useful in cases of eyestrain, allergies, cataracts, irritated eyes, & conjunctivitis. Beneficial in early stages of cataracts & macular degeneration. ALWAYS DILUTE the formula before placing drops in the eyes. Application: Place 10 drops or more in an eye cup filled with distilled water & mix well. Wash for 1 to 2 minutes, 1 to 3 times a day. Keep eye open & rotate while washing. Two drops of castor oil in the eye, morning and evening, has dissolved cataracts in a number of people. Use until vision improves, and reapply as necessary.

3. HEALTH TIP: When my oldest daughter Giana was five, we ate at a friend’s house after church. The meal had dishes made with cheese & milk in them. Not to be rude we ate them. Giana got a 105 fever in 10 minutes and I believe it was from the dairy products which she had never consumed before. What do you do? Tylenol? Urgent care? I learned in my herbal pediatrics class to cool the patient down externally & internally. A cool sponge bath, never too cold, and a cool catnip enema lowered the fever to 100.5 in 15 mins. Learn to assist the body in the elimination of toxins and poisons with the careful use of water therapies. Now we refuse the cow’s pus whenever possible. Dairy products are the number one cause of allergy in children. I saw so many infants and children eliminate earaches by discontinuing dairy product. They can cause excess mucus in the Eustachian tubes, adenoids, tonsils, and lungs. Dairy products are the #1 cause of childhood anemia because they cause bleeding in the intestines.
4. HEALTH TIP: Charmaine makes a delicious BellaPizza and raw lasagna at BellaVita’s that are to die for! When I went vegan years ago, many wondered what I ate? People thought I only ate carrots and celery. Today the same applies to raw foods. But the raw food world is expanding, and the choices are incredible. Several uncook books we recommend  are the following: Raw by Juliano, Rawsome Recipes by Robyn Boyd, The Raw Gourmet by Nomi Shannon, How We All Went Raw by the Nungessers, and Going Raw by Judita Wignall. All of these books are superb, and we highly recommend them. The Raw Carob Mouse is amazing, the raw cream cheese is delicious, as is the mac cream that I use instead of mayonnaise.

 5. PRAISE REPORT: Pastor Tim, a Baptist minister who came to the November session with 6 stents and heart disease, lost 13 lbs. in 5 days at BellaVita. He said: “I feel better than I ever have ever felt in my whole life.” He is so happy, and can’t wait to see his doctor and get new tests done to see all the improvements. He did not lose muscle, but gained some. He lost fat, excess water, and lots and lots of feces. The herbal diuretics, natural herbal Bowel Formula #1, and liver flushes cleansed his organ systems. The live juices and meals filled with live enzymes and phytochemicals recharged and balanced his body. You should see how he stepped up his exercise and praised God! Guests routinely lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels and blood pressure. He was excited about lowering his cholesterol and blood pressure medications.
6.  HEALTH TIP: One of the most powerful and effective remedies at BellaVita is the coffee enema. What? Are you serious? Yes, I am completely serious. The coffee enema was used by Dr. Max Gerson for incurable cases to detoxify the liver. The remedy helps eliminate headaches and migraines fast. I had one woman who had migraines for 20 years and the coffee enema eliminated it in 20 minutes. She never had another one at BellaVIta. The coffee is absorbed through the hemorrhoidal vein into the portal vein and dilates the bile duct to effectively and quickly pass toxins. It can quickly eliminate the onset of headache or migraine. It helps stop healing reactions. It is great for inflammation, pain, and when liver detoxification is necessary. Coffee enemas were used for wounded soldiers in WWI for pain and they were listed in the Merck Manual until the 70′s for the same reason. I have seen people on pain killers reduce or eliminate their medication using coffee enemas. They make me feel good and I routinely do one to eliminate toxins from my liver. 

7. HEALTH TIP: At BellaVita, guests drink a morning isotonic drink made from purified sea water for 3 to 5 days. Take 1/3 sea water and 2/3 fresh water for a total of 64 ounces or 1/2 gallon. Drink it very warm with the juice of one fresh lemon. Drink it as fast as you can. In 30 minutes or so, the 64 ounces will come through like a waterfall. Never eat before taking this drink as it will stop the cleansing process and you will retain the drink. The isotonic drink has loads of minerals too. It is like a oral colonic. Amazing results and fast. Do not take this drink if you have heart, kidney problems or high blood pressure. They also take 5 black poultice drinks of the Bowel Formula #2 made with charcoal, bentonite, psyllium, marshmallow, fennel, and flax to pack the large intestine and draw out old fecal matter, parasites, heavy metals, drug residues, pesticides, and chemicals.


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