Can You Take Antidepressant Drugs for Weight Loss?

Whether you can take antidepressant drugs for weight loss is still debatable, but some studies certainly suggest that you could. Here are some facts about antidepressant drugs, how they could possibly help you lose weight, and what to look out for.

All about Wellbutrin

In 2001, a study by the Duke University found that Wellbutrin - a drug already approved for depression treatment - seems to be effective in helping obese women attain continuing weight loss. Also known as bupropion, the antidepressant drug for weight loss Wellbutrin was proven to have helped women shed unwanted pounds. The drug was not alone, however - it was combined with a 1,600 calorie diet.

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How does it work?

The Wellbutrin antidepressant drug for weight loss is combined with a low-calorie diet to be effective. The said diet is great for short-term weight loss, but it fails in the long run because it only reduces lean muscle tissues. Combined with the Wellbutrin antidepressant drug for weight loss, though, the diet reduces fat mass, not muscle mass. This is key to long-term weight loss.

The Wellbutrin antidepressant drug for weight loss also seems to prevent the decline in bone mineral density - a consequence of low calorie diets. According to the study, the bone mineral density of obese women who took Wellbutrin along with the diet did not change after 6 months. In effect, this drug seems to reduce risk of osteoporosis.

Should I try it?

Not without your doctor's consent, no. the studies are certainly optimistic about this antidepressant drug for weight loss, but in no way does it push for its use. Scientists are continually finding ways to help some 97 million Americans who are said to be overweight (or worse, obese). There may very well be other safer alternatives to sustainable weight loss - ask your doctor about them.

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