LA Weight Loss - Does LA Weight Loss Really Show Results?

The LA weight loss program is a center based weight loss program wherein a potential client goes in to avail of a free assessment offered by the program, gets himself weighed, and has a program designed to fit his specific needs. The LA weight loss program promises its clients a steady loss of two pounds for every week through a system that is composed of one on one counseling and a client-specific diet plan.

Clients fill out a questionnaire which is used in constructing a specific diet and meal plan and weight loss program. Based on the answers of the questionnaire, clients are given specific instructions on what and how to eat. An LA weight loss diet plan is comprised of a customized nutritional plan that includes specific amounts of proteins, fruits, vegetables, fats, starches, dairy, and a specialized type of soy protein bar known as LA lite. The LA lite protein bars forms an integral part of the program, and can set clients back a rather hefty amount when bought in bulk.

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This program practices a three stage approach to weight loss. The first stage known as the jump start program gives the clients a high protein diet plan. After this, a caloric restriction is placed on the client based on their weight loss goals. The second stage consists of a six week period where in calories are added to the diet slowly. The third and final stage reintroduces foods that have been previously banned.

Clinics for the LA weight loss program can be found worldwide; however, despite this massive availability, a lot of people find this program to be rather expensive, especially if clients opt to avail of the finance option instead of paying cash outright. Individuals who choose to sign up to an LA weight loss program are expected to visit a clinic at least thrice a week for a check up with a program counselor.

An LA at home weight loss plan has been introduced recently, allowing users to get a plan and access it online instead of visiting a clinic. This LA at home weight loss program includes a starter kit which is delivered straight to a client's home. The program begins once the starter kit is received; the starter kit includes a program diary which is an important part of the LA at home weight loss program. This program diary allows clients to record the meals and beverages they have taken; it also allows clients to keep track of their weight, record the amount of exercise they have done, as well as their feelings and thoughts about that day's food consumption. The online site provided for clients who use LA at home weight loss also provides access to a section containing various recipes for nutritious meals. Forums are also available as a way to provide clients a support group while undergoing weight loss.

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