The Skinny on Hoodia Weight Loss

Diet fanatics and supporters may have already heard about hoodia weight loss, the latest in weight loss methods available in the market. Hoodia weight loss stems from the use of the the Hoodia gordonii plant, a cactus that originated in Africa. The plant is famous for its appetite suppressing abilities that people in South Africa would eat during long periods of drought to prevent hunger. Upon its discovery by western scientists, it became one of the best herbal remedies for weight loss.

How it works

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Hoodia weight loss works by suppressing your appetite while at the same time providing an increase in your energy, metabolism, and stamina. Metabolism and eating less are considered as contributing factors for weight loss, so people began to believe that hoodia weight loss is the best way to lose weight.

About the plant

The Hoodia gordonii is a plant that resembles a cucumber but with a somewhat bitter taste. It takes 5 to 7 years before it can reach its maturity and it can be found in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. The plant was also eaten by African tribesmen to suppress their thirst and hunger whenever they are out hunting. Hoodia has been used for many centuries since it was proven to provide better results and effects when it comes to suppressing the appetite and providing enough energy to the user.

The active ingredient

One of the contributing factors in hoodia weight loss is the plant's active molecule. A lot of research and testing were done by many scientists and they identified this molecule as p57. They injected it into animals and realized that it works by playing a trick on the mind so it will think that you are already full and satisfied.


Hoodia weight loss products can be found in the form of liquid, powder, tea, or capsule. These can be bought from online and local health stores, pharmacies, and drug stores. People find hoodia weight loss to be very effective since it makes the mind send signals to the body that the stomach is full even if you have not eaten anything. This is helpful for controlling cravings and avoiding binging.


Before trying out hoodia weight loss products, make sure to check if it is genuine and real. Try locating the a C.I.T.E.S. certification or a Certificate of Analysis that are usually provided by genuine manufacturers. It is important to check for certifications on these products to ensure that what you are buying is not fake or expired.

It's from Kalahari

Another factor to consider before buying any Hoodia gordonii weight loss product is to make sure that it came from the Kalahari Desert of South Africa. There are actually many kinds of hoodia but those that are from Kalahari have the ingredients proven to be able to suppress your appetite.

You don't need the entire plant

Ensure that you are buying a weight loss product that can provide you with ingredients coming from the core or the stem of the plant. Don't believe the misconception that you need the entire plant for it to work properly because you actually just need its core or stem. Products stating that they are using 100% Hoodia tend to be made from the entire plant. In fact, some manufacturers and suppliers even use the whole plant to make their product sell cheaper. Check the package for the parts of the plant included in the weight loss product before buying.

What's in a name

Hoodia is only the name of the plant's family so it does not necessarily mean that all of them can act as effective appetite suppressants. The appetite suppressing capabilities can only be found in Hoodia gordonii, so make sure that you are buying the product with the name gordonii on it.

More checking

Check whether the manufacturer has the license to export or import the product and if they are sharing their proceeds with the people of San Bushmen or those who are harvesting and growing the plant.

Follow instructions

To see the effects and results, you need to follow the instructions from the manufacturer depending on the type of hoodia product you bought. Remember that in order for it to be effective, you need to take the right amount of dosage and pair it up with a proper diet and regular exercise.

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