Weight Loss - An Obsession

Nearly everyone at some point in their life has wished to weigh less or at the very least be less flabby and more muscle toned. For many, the thought is fleeting and they never feel the need to pay much attention to weight.

Others become obsessed with losing weight, gaining weight or becoming more tone and muscular. Whichever category a person falls into, it can really wreak havoc on one's life. Don't take me wrong, I admire a person who sets goals and goes-for-it. But the learning curve can be quite painful for a lot of people and may come with a very high price tag.

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Weight Loss seems like a simple endeavor, reduced to a simple equation. Generally, people will often believe that less calories coming in and more going out via exercise and activities is the key to weight loss. In the simplest of terms this could be considered true. However, each layer of practical consideration adds a slight bit of complexity to that seemingly simple formula.

For example, taking in less and less calories can become an obsessive and dangerous behavior. There are entire hospital wings devoted to those with 'eating disorders'. The obsession with body shape can get very distorted within the confines of one's mind.

This warrants a few sentences of distilled wisdom. Nothing about our appearance is so important that it warrants harm to our physical or mental well-being, especially self-inflicted harm. I've witnessed a hospital ward full of unhealthy girls worried about their weight to the point they don't eat enough and it is not a happy site to see.

A friend of mine suffered from an eating disorder in high school and she once told me that the only thing that she felt she had control of was her weight. The need to exercise that control was so strong that it overshadowed everything including common sense. Not to judge, I'm simply sharing her experience with an eating disorder. Hopefully, for the benefit of others.

Eating disorders aside, there are sound principles for weight loss and if you are going to lose weight or are planning to, it might be a really good idea to understand those principles before you start to lose weight.

The dangers of creating an unhealthy situation for our bodies are great enough that one should fully investigate legitimate weight loss techniques as opposed to the unhealthy quick fixes. Weight loss can be a rewarding experience and it doesn't have to be a living nightmare.

Just a few key concepts can really make all the difference in the world. Consulting an expert on weight loss could save you time, money and a lot of heartache. The basic lesson is that you can cut down on the learning curve, mistakes and roadblocks and get to your end goal sooner by taking time to learn the 'right' way to achieve weight loss.

This article is for information purposes only. Consult with your physician for advice on weight loss, before taking up exercise or if you have or think you might have a health condition.

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